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Guido Thyssen

Technical Analyst/ Construction Manager

Guido Thyssen is a driven technical analyst and construction manager with the need for perfection, constantly educating himself and adjusting in this ever changing world.

Educations in construction business:
1998-2000 Aachen University of Applied Science, FH Aachen - Germany
2000-2002 Mastercraftmen's college, Chamber of trade, Duesseldorf - Germany
2011 Concrete Class 1, Sweden
2012 BAS-U Safety Engineer, Sweden
2013 Underwater concrete, Sweden
2013 Trafik Manager, Sweden
2016 Entreprenadjuridik - Construction Law, Sweden
2017 Professional Leadership, Sweden
2018 TR-stål/N - Steel construction inspector level N, Sweden

Trading education:
2017 Trained by a level 4 trader with 17 years Experience i have gone courses in
Market psychology
Chart Patterns
Candle Stick analysis
Volume analysis
Elliot Wave
Those courses have been a solid foundation for my trading career!

Professional experience:
I started my professional career in my fathers construction company in 2002 as Works manager. In 2004 i took the role as CEO, about 6 month later i opened my own construction company in Germany. In 2007 i got a great offer from the biggest German construction company, Hochtief AG, to work as a general foreman in an huge international project, a hydro power station located in Scotland.
After the completion of this 150 mn Euro project, i was assigned to a tunneling project in Austria, before i came to Sweden. In Sweden i worked on several tunnel projects and as well bridge projects for the same company. I worked my way to the position as project manager for smaller projects before leaving Hochtief after 10 years. I started at Implenia Sverige AB as a Production Manager in a large scale railway - steel bridges - project. Contract value about 1.4 bn sek.
In 2019 i took advantage of a great offer from an Italien Joint Venture here in Stockholm. I was assigned Civil Works Manager for two large scale drill and blast tunnel constructions as part of Swedens biggest Infrastructure project. Value about 4.5 bn sek, about 450 mn Euro.
Unfortunately the Client cancelled the contract just 2 month after i joined. I re assigned at Implenia Sverige AB and are since working as production manager.

My goal is to deliver reliable crypto analysis and help others gaining profits in financial markets. I want to be recognised as trustful, reliable and most accurate to grow this business. My heart has always been in constructions, as i gown up like this. But times are changing and so my goal is to grow this business to make a change - For the members and myself!

Technical diving, mostly on wrecks in the Baltic Sea
Soaring - Seeing the world from above in a silent sailing plane is the greatest feeling. It let you forget any stress you may had during a long week at work
Never stop learning! Never give up! Be reliable! Hold what you promise!
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